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Find answers to frequently asked questions about exploring the Portugal coastline and rivers with your family on stand-up paddleboards. Get all the information you need to plan the perfect family adventure on the water.

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Your SUP Questions Answered!

Got questions about exploring Portugal’s waters on a paddle board with your family? Check out our frequently asked questions below for answers to everything you need to know before hitting the water!
What is stand-up paddleboarding (SUP)?

SUP is a water sport that involves standing on a large board and using a long paddle to propel yourself through the water.

Is SUP suitable for families with young children?
Yes, SUP can be a fun activity for the whole family, including young children. Children can ride on the board with an adult, or they can have their own smaller board to paddle.
Do I need to have previous experience to try SUP?
No, you do not need any previous experience to try SUP. Most rental companies offer lessons or basic instructions to get you started.
What equipment do I need for SUP?
You will need a board, a paddle, and a life jacket. Some companies also offer wetsuits or rash guards to wear.
Can I bring my own SUP board and equipment?
Yes, many rental companies allow you to bring your own board and equipment. However, it’s always best to check with the rental company beforehand.
What is the best time of year to try SUP in Portugal?
The best time to try SUP in Portugal is during the summer months (June to September), when the weather is warm and the water is calm.
Do I need to be a strong swimmer to try SUP?
While it’s not required to be a strong swimmer, it’s always a good idea to be comfortable in the water and have basic swimming skills.
Are there any age restrictions for SUP in Portugal?
The age restrictions for SUP can vary by rental company, but many allow children as young as 6 or 7 to participate with an adult.
What should I wear for SUP?
It’s best to wear comfortable, water-resistant clothing and footwear. Many people also wear a hat and sunglasses to protect against the sun.
Can I go on a guided SUP tour with my family?
Yes, many rental companies offer guided SUP tours that are suitable for families. These tours often include equipment rental and basic instruction, as well as a knowledgeable guide to show you the best spots to paddle.

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